Verification in online casino

Online casinos operate under several licences that requires them to verify players playing in casino. Verification is usually made when player decides to withdraw winnings from casino account.

There are several ways of verification that can be done by casino. Basic one is the document verification, in this case player needs to provide casino with photocopies of ID, utility bill on own name and shows the same address that is registered on casino page, bill cannot be older than 3 months.

Depends on the deposit method used by player – he can be also asked to provide copies of credit card – in this case player needs to cover middle digits and CVV code on the card, only first 6 and last 4 needs to be visible, card needs to be signed otherwise it will not be verified by casino. Digits can be easily covered in programs like Paint in Windows system.

If player used e-wallet option, casino can ask for a screen shot from e-wallet account which shows account details and URL address in the web browser. Players who used Paysafecard method can be asked for photo copy of the receipt which shows the Paysafecard code.

To be able to perform document verification without any problems it’s important to make clear pictures, that are showing four corners of every document. Images cannot be blurry and we don’t recommend using flash or extra zoom.

Less popular verification method can be a phone verification, which is performed only in specific situations. When provider will notice unusual activity on your account – using different IP addresses, IP address doesn’t match the registered country or if there is more than one player registered under the same IP.

During the phone call players needs to confirm details of casino account, deposit method and last activity. It is important to always use valid phone number in casino. If support agent will not be able to reach player under this number it can result in temporary account block.

After successful verification all the withdrawals will be approved by casino. Player can then expect to receive money within few hours or days – depends on the payment method and provider.

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