Cisco CCNP ENCOR (350-401) : What You Need to Know

Introduction to Cisco CCNP ENCOR (350-401) Are you considering advancing your career in networking? Then, the Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise (CCNP ENCOR) certification might...

Biden Admin orders Catholic Hospital to Snuff out Sanctuary Candle or Lose all Federal...

by Matt Lamb - originally published by LifeSiteNew All links to Gospa News articles have been added aftermath in relation to the topics highlighted President Joe Biden’s...

A German-American Lutheran on The Synagogue of Satan

Revelation 2:9-10 New King James Version 9 “I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and...

Do You Remember When Love and Peace Was A Thing?

VT Song of the Week: Black and White by Three Dog Night

Pedophilia on Facebook: Denounced 146 Groups

by Carlo Domenico Cristofori for VT Italy All Italian articles linked in this one can be read in English with simultaneous translation available VERSIONE IN ITALIANO If...

HONOR: A Country with NO Integrity Creates a World with NO Future

VT's John Kaminski asks "can human beings ever really be trusted to tell the truth?"

Iran’s Former Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi in Israel

The Crown Prince of Iran in the long past days of the Pahlavi Dynasty showed up in Israel this week to schmooze with Netanyahu...

On the Ground Report from Our Man in France by Romain (4/16/23)

Jack, I feel so dirty for wearing the investigative hat and spending so much time looking for the misdeeds of these bastards that I can’t...

There Is No Constitutional Right to Satanism

There was an uproar last week when a school district in my neck of the woods approved an “after-school Satan club.” After proper chaos...

Elon Musk demands Life in Prison for Child Sex-Change Defending DeSantis Bans in Florida

On the cover image Elon Musk appears with one of his 10 children at the December 2021 Time Person of the Year event in New...

Rabbi charged with raping adoptive sons was arrested for attacking ANOTHER boy 2019 –...

The rabbi accused of raping his adoptive sons was arrested in 2019 on suspicion of attacking another boy but was released on bond and allowed to return home where ‘the abuse continued’ for four years until his arrest last month.

Aleister Crowley and Marvel’s connection to the occult

Marvel's clear ties to the occult and Satanist Aleister Crowley make it such a dangerous genre for those who are unaware.

Navigating Truth In A Sea Of Lies

VT's George Hobbs goes off on Main Stream Media

The Wisdom of the Bullfrog: Leadership Made Simple (But Not Easy)

VT's Johnny Punish presents an outstanding book on leadership; get on board

Ukrainian witches’ failed ritual to remove Putin from power

"You should not treat the event as hostile or harmful to Ukraine. Our goal is to defeat the enemy of Ukraine, Putin, and support the Armed Forces," he said.

Report: Missing Ukrainian Children Trafficked to the West, the Pedo Rings of Belgium/Netherlands

"In Ukraine, massive amounts of $ have been poured over the past two decades through US Aid programs and related charities, and taken the form of an insidious amount of child trafficking, child exploitation, forced child labor camps..."

Conversations From The Porch: America’s Train Wreck Continues (Episode 24)

Podcast: Conversations from the porch - Episode 24 With Jack Heart, Phil Hunter & Orage As the train wrecks continue across America unabated... Photos: Over Two...

April 4th, 2023: A Day of Diversionary Infamy

My good friend, Don Wassall of the American Freedom Times and The Freedom Times was my fine guest on the March 31st Friday RBN Live...

5 Tips for Growing Your Instagram Followers as a Business

In today's digital age, Instagram has become an essential tool for businesses to promote their brand and reach a wider audience. With over one...

Madonna Snubs Christian School Shooting Victims in upcoming Nashville concert for ‘Trans Rights’

VT's Fabio Carisio reports from the front line of Guns, Mass Shootings and the Culture Wars

Racism: Ukraine’s Brutal Conscription Practices Against Christians Raises Backlash

Kiev instituted a general conscription drive which has been in force for more than a year. The exact number of those taken to the armed forces during this time is not known for certain and the process has been accompanied by numerous scandals.

Donald Trump is a “Cyst in the Body of Our Nation, Full of Ugly...

I have been in this country for over 62 years and it was and is ‘country of choice” and proud to have served in...

Today’s Brief: Christians, Stand Down!

“Pumas going in. Vans going out. All bullshit. Used a pre recorded training video. Explains why they released the body cam footage so quickly....

Word of the Year 2023, Jewish “Anti-Gentilism”

VT's Vaughn Klingenberg makes an early proposal for word of the year as he explores the hot topic and cancel-culture issue du jour "Anti-Semitism" and offers new definitions that make more sense

On The Ground Report from France by Romain Forlini

1 English publications. I have included some background information to help situate this sequence of events, and as many relevant hyperlinked sources as possible. Feel...

NWO Zionist Lobby to Persecute Christians: Netanyahu in Jerusalem like Zelensky in Kiev

“Men of Israel, consider carefully what you intend to do to these men. (...) Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their...

12 Ways To Make Money Fast With Crypto in 2023 – Safe & Secure

Need to make money within a day or a few hours? Both online and offline, there are more opportunities than ever before to earn...

The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Podcast - Conversations from the porch: Episode 23 With Jack Heart & Phil Hunter

Artificial Intelligence or The Grasp of Reality

"The sheer enjoyment behind creating a condition of apparent powerlessness to avoid a coming disaster is indispensable to cowing and dominating a population..."

President Robert Kennedy Jr. Conversations from the porch – Episode 22 With Jack Heart...

Podcast: Conversations from the porch - Episode 22: President Robert Kennedy Jr. Moved projects to Wuhan when Obama called moratorium based on threats Bob Unruh WND News...

Pope Francis to Defend Orthodox Against Expulsion from Historical Kiev Monastery by Zelensky

Pope Francis has voiced concern over the situation in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra following attempts by the Ukrainian authorities to expel monks from the...

Pope Francis Warned that “Transgenderism” is one of the “most Dangerous Ideological Colonizations”

Pope Francis reiterated his opposition to transgenderism on Friday, warning that it’s a “dangerous ideology” and arguing that its proponents are naïve if they...

Conversations from the porch – Episode 21 with Jack Heart and Phil Hunter

0 Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god: 9781736288016: Heart, Jack: Books Podcast: Conversations from the porch - Episode 21 China serves America...

Conversations from the porch – Episode 20 with Jack Heart & Phil Hunter

Podcast: Conversations from the porch - Episode 20 My mistake, in the last couple of years there has been a great deal of work done...

Moderna Vaccine Patented 9 Months Before Pandemic. Thanks to the Fauci-Baric’ Manmade SARS Viruses

A disturbing document had already emerged proving the existence of an experimental gene serum based on messenger RNA against Covid-19 on 12 December 2019.

Conversations from the porch – Episode 19 with Jack Heart & Phil Hunter

Podcast: Conversations from the porch - Episode 19 Chemical Weaponry Destined For Ukraine Ignited In East Palestine Train Wreck by Yoichi Shimatsu (Exclusive To Rense 2-21-23) In...

East Palestine, the Facts by Jack Heart & Orage

east palestine ohio - Bing images First and foremost, there is only a slim “theoretical possibility of burning vinyl chloride forming dioxins which are known...

Friday, February 24th: The Dankof Report on RBN Live

  Mark Dankof’s special guest on RBN Live is VT’s Johnny Punish, who covers the history of VT, its newest developments, and the escalating fight...