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Yes, the US can work with China for peace in Ukraine

If China is to be involved not just in reaching a ceasefire but in an ongoing long-term effort to maintain a ceasefire and support peace talks, then Washington will have to accept an economic role for China in the reconstruction of Ukraine and a certain Chinese say in European security.

Ukraine War: Reports from the Front

What Is the Dumbest Thing the Empire Wants Us to Believe?

I left out quite a few stupid things, so if you think one of my oversights deserves the crown, just leave a response in the comments section.

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Florida Surgeon Accuses FDA and CDC: “Ongoing Decision to Ignore Many...

by Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D. - Originally published by The Defender - Children's Health Defense All links to Gospa News articles have been added aftermath. Claiming that...


Russian cleric Dimitri Smirnov: “test-tube babies are equivalent to natural fascism, and the artificial creation of people.”



Jan. 6th Capitol Attack: 14th Conviction for Seditious Conspiracy, Sets Up...

Proud Boys conviction amps the pressure up on special counsel Jack Smith


‘The worst kind of peace is better than any war’ – An exiled Ukrainian...

As losses mount, journalist Ruslan Kotsaba believes that “soon” the majority of people will share his pacifist views.

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Putin’s Bloody Missile Attack Is Horrifying

Zelenskyy could be taken out. He was a nobody, just like president Macron of France.

Zelensky is finished and Biden knows it

They are lying about the extent of U.S. involvement and they are selling us a failed storybook ending.

Putin to NATO: “We haven’t even started yet”

President Putin says that if Ukraine wants to escalate on the battlefield, Russia is ready.

Explosions in Kiev and Odessa. First Russia Retaliation vs Ukraine after Drones Attack to...

VERSIONE IN ITALIANO Explosions and Air-raid alerts reported in many parts of the country, including Kiev Ukrainian media reported a series of explosions in the capital and...

Video – DRONES ATTACK on the KREMLIN. Moscow: “Ukrainian Assassination attempt on Putin foiled....

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Europe VERSIONE IN ITALIANO Russia reports an attack with two drones on the Kremlin for an attack on President...
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